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In AIBR, every employee shares the goal of improving cancer care quality and finding new innovations to help improve health outcomes around the world. Our company is built by passionate, focused, and determined team members with profound knowledge of artificial intelligence, biology, and chemistry. In doing so, we contribute to the development of novel and differentiated innovations within pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, addressing unmet challenges in the deadliest cancers.


Sheetal Pathania
Chief Research Head
Dr. Mohd Adil (PhD)
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Rosina (PhD)
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Israr Ahmad (PhD)
Operational Advisor
Dr. Sarfuddin Azmi (PhD)
Project Advisor
Dr. Irfan A Ansari (PhD)
Scientific Advisor

Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Azam Khan (PhD)
Head Artificial Intelligence
Abhishek Kumar


Dr. Mohammad Azhar (PhD)
Head Molecular Biology
Dr. Ashish Gupta (PhD)

Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Mohammad Aslam (PhD)
Head Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Clinton

Delhi, India

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